Think Global Logistics
 is AUSTRALIAN owned and operated. Our Managing Director La Chang with over 20 years experience in logistics, leads TGL with his unique vision of a user-friendly logistics company. Our goal is to challenge the status quo and demonstrate our passion for logistics. We also believe it is important to improve the image and understanding of our industry by the people we serve.

Think Global Logistics was founded 2014 and has offices in Australia,
New Zealand and China.

Our Mission. We strive to create positive market sentiment towards the logistics industry through the actions we perform for our customers. We will raise our standards through the development of our people and continuous innovation all the while giving back to our stakeholders, people and the community.



Our Thinkers

At the centre of TGL are our Thinkers.

Our robust recruitment policies and dynamic training processes ensure our people are the best. All Thinkers when they join TGL must undergo a 12-month intensive operations training, where they are tested daily on how to handle real life situations and creating solutions. At TGL, we have replaced the industry norm of robotic production line processes with highly motivated individuals, who are empowered to service their customers and deliver fantastic results.

Through this investment in our people we can offer our customers exceptional customer service and our promise that we can resolve any logistical or transportation query that may arise.

In short, our TRUE product are our THINKERS! Meet the TEAM.

Think Global Logistics La Chang 2.jpg

La Chang

Managing Director

”Behind every great man is a
greater woman”

Think Global Logistics Zaili Peng.jpg

Zaili Peng
Sales Executive

”Know what you want
and go for it!”

Think Global Logistics Anna Yuan.jpg

Anna Yuan

Solutions Specialist

“Don't wait for the right moment to start, start and make each moment right”

Think Gloabl Logistics Faatim Deme.jpg

Faatim Deme
Solutions Specialist - Trainee

“What comes around goes around, keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving”

Think Gloabl Logistics Melisaa Ye.jpg

Melissa Ye

Head Solutions Specialist

“Life is too short,
no regrets”

Think Global Logistics Mitchell MacAloon.jpg

Mitchell McAloon

Sales Executive

”Life is not about never falling but in
rising every time we fall”

Think Global Logistics Jillian 2.jpg

Jillian Wong
Solutions Specialist

“Do not fear failure but rather
fear not trying”

Think Global Logistics Fanny Bielakoff.jpg

Fanny Bielakoff
Media & Digital Marketing Assistant

Your creativity must always exceed your current capacity to express it”

Think Global Logistics Julie Tran.jpg

Julie Tran

Solutions Specialist

“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination”

Think Global logistics Matthew Baillie.jpg

Matthew Baillie

Solutions Specialist

“The three great essentials to achieve are: hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and common sense.”

Think Global Logistics Charlene Jannin.jpg

Charlene Jannin
Solutions Specialist

”What doesn't kill
you makes you stronger”

Think Gloabl Logistics Oscar.jpg

Think Global Logistics Mascot

“I’m just here for the dog biscuits”