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Image of our custom clearance and declarations in Australia


Compliance and Accuracy

TGL are Customs Clearance experts with a high emphasis on compliance and accuracy. Our efficient customs clearance process will help you avoid unexpected delays and in turn navigate customs and quarantine requirements with the least amount of stress. You will save money by avoiding Customs complications and delays.

We manage Customs services for most industries and can easily clear cargo for heavy machinery, foodstuffs, electrical, alcohol, and general goods. We are here to help with any Customs and Quarantine challenges.

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The most important aspect of Customs Clearance is compliance and accuracy in the classification of your goods so that your duties and taxes are calculated correctly. This is not an area where short cuts can be taken and we are proud of our compliance track record.

We are specialised in General Cargo, Food & Beverage Customs Clearance Services. We can also assist with advising on correct import procedures to ensure your goods never get delayed at the border.

In addition, we also offer a tariff concession consulting and review service.

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