“TGL being the Australian founding member of the Global Key Family network attended the 2019 annual conference in Barcelona. Over the course of the event TGL reps held over 30 meetings with potential and existing partners from more than 20 countries. The standout of the event was the big contingent from Latin American nations. Through these interactions, our people were able to learn and gain valuable insight into these niche markets. In addition we are now working towards closer trade ties with countries such as Dominican Republic, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Columbia and Puerto Rico. Of course additional partners in already established TGL markets such as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, and Kenya were also acquired to further boost TGL capabilities in these trade lanes.

TGL will continue to participate and sponsor such global events so that our network is further strengthened. We do this so our customers can rely on our ever-growing network to provide them the service they have come to expect from TGL.”